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Japan's Older Persons Day Predates the UN Counterpart

October 1 is International Day of Older Persons established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1990. Groups and communities around the world observe the occasion with a variety of activities, including conferences, declarations, and celebrations. 

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Expanding Health Promotion Efforts:The national health insurers begin conducting annual health checks of all 40-74 years olds in April 2008.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan has issued a directive to implement the Healthcare Reform Act of 2006, which mandates that those health insurers under the national health insurance program begin conducting annual health checks of all 40-74 years olds to detect metabolic syndrome or life-style related diseases beginning in April. 

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Local Community’s Prompt Actions Minimizes Earthquake Damages: "Elderly People Map" Proves Effective

At 9:41 on the morning of Sunday, March 25, a powerful earthquake, with the magnitude of 6.9, struck the Noto Peninsula, which juts into the Sea of Japan.The "Elderly People Map" of the township played a major role in confirming the safety of the town's elderly people. 

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Full and bustling every day,
seventy percent of users are men.
A popular day service where users can play mah-jong

The Shokei Fureai no ie [Shokei Community Center] in Tokyo's Suginami ward is an unusual day care facility in that men regularly comprise 70% of all users. The reason is clearly that the center provides activities that they enjoy. 

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The Elder Abuse Prevention and Caregiver Support Law in Japan

The Elder Abuse Prevention and Caregiver Support Law went into effect in April 2006 in Japan. The Law defined types of elder abuse and set forth a reporting system for both domestic and institutional elder abuse cases. It also laid down responsibilities of the national and local governments for elder abuse prevention and caregiver support. 

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Reform of the health care system in Japan - the aims of the June 2006 Partial Amendments to the Health Insurance Act

The Partial Amendments to the Health Insurance Act that were passed by the Diet on June 14, 2006, decided the direction of subsequent health care system reforms in Japan. The amendments were made within a context of steeply rising medical expenditure for the elderly, and consisted mainly of measures to curve the medical expenditure by increasing the size of co-payments by the elderly, and by preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

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